Our Designs: Ready for your Customization

We have compiled finishes for you to apply to our designs. By clicking the button below, we walk you through every design aspect of our units. So you can have it just the way you want.  

  • Instantly know the cost of your decisions. 
  • "Submit" for a formal quote, and summary of your choices, sent to you through email.

Once your unit is designed we will contact you to schedule your build, and to confirm financing.

                                Example floorplan:  24' PAYETTE

                                Example floorplan:  24' PAYETTE

20', 24', 28' lengths

  • Quaint galley kitchen in 2 sizes
  • upstairs loft
  • great room entrance.
  • units 24 ft and larger include a downstairs bedroom & 2nd loft. 
  • bedroom or loft can be omitted in the design process.
  • ladder or stairs
  • 3 ft or 5 ft bathroom
  • 3 exterior styles
~Build Your Payette~
                               Example Floorplan:  24' KOOTENAY

                               Example Floorplan:  24' KOOTENAY

22', 24', 28' lengths

  • Large, full size peninsula kitchen
  • drop-down deck
  • large upstairs loft
  • kitchen entrance (22' has great room entrance). 
  • 28 ft unit has downstairs bedroom
  • 24ft & 28ft have a 2nd loft option.
  • ladder-only on 22 ft (stair option for larger units)
  • 3 ft or 5 ft bathroom
  • 3 exterior styles
~Build Your Kootenay~