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4 Tips for Making Your Tiny House Look Bigger



Living in a tiny home is a big decision, but that big decision doesn’t mean your space is going to be big. Instead, once you’re in the home, you’re going to be looking for different ways you can make your tiny house look and feel bigger. With the right creative thinking and planning, you can make your tiny home feel just as big as a traditional home.

Embrace Natural Light

One of the most effective strategies for making a small space feel larger is to fully embrace natural light. Not only does it serve to visually expand the space, but it also floods your space with more warmth and ambience, creating a more welcoming atmosphere. With natural light, you dramatically expand the visual space of your tiny home, so even though your square footage doesn’t change, it will feel like it did.

Use a Natural Color Palette

When selecting colors for your tiny house, consider more neutrals—colors that are lighter and more natural. Soft whites and warm beiges are anything but boring; when you see what these shades do to your space, you’ll never want to go back to dark or vivid walls again. In addition to being soothing, these colors help reflect light, allowing more sunlight to come in and dance around the room. In a smaller space like a tiny home, you can’t go wrong with a natural color palette.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

Mirrors are a tiny house’s best friend because they serve multiple purposes. Not only do they reflect light, creating the illusion of more space, but they also add depth and character to the room. When you strategically place mirrors around your home, you can brighten up your space, making it feel that much more open and airier. Mirrors also serve a practical purpose, but the depth and openness they bring to your tiny home are far more valuable.

Windows and Skylights

Another great way you can make your tiny house look bigger is by investing in lots of high-quality windows. Natural light can help transform your space, and the best way to bring that light in is with big windows and skylights. It’s important to invest in quality, triple-paned, argon-filled windows, the kind of windows that seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors. Likewise, skylights allow sunshine and reflected light to penetrate the upper regions of your tiny home, opening it up. Invite the sunlight in, and your tiny home will feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Living in a small space can be difficult for tiny home newbies, but when you know how to make your tiny house look and feel bigger, you won’t want to go back to a traditional house again. If you want some additional help in making your home feel bigger, let the tiny home designer experts at Tru Form Tiny help. With our expertise and tools, we can help make your compact living space feel that much more comfortable.

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