December 7

5 Benefits of Small Space Living



Many people wonder if living tiny is actually better, and maybe we're a little biased but we think there are a lot of benefits of small space living. From saving money to having a smaller footprint, going tiny can have a big impact.

1. More time together. Whether you're single living with fur babies, a couple or family, tiny home living tends to create the opportunity to be a tight-knit unit. Less physical space can create more space to connect. Many times, tiny home dwellers will spend more time outdoors, on adventures or doing the things they love and enjoy most which creates an overall feeling of fulfillment. 

2. Less is more. Inevitably, you'll streamline your belongings when going tiny. When you don't have space for it, it's only natural to have less stuff. This allows a lot of tiny home owners to be more intentional about what they actually do have and how it functions in their daily lives. Imagine, a dedicated space for everything you own! It's a cleaner, more organized and stress-free way of life.

3. Energy efficiency. Because of their tiny nature, small space living costs far less to heat or cool than a residential-sized home. Not only is this reduced power more environmentally-friendly, it saves money on gas and power bills each month. 

4. Clutter-free, clear minds. Research has shown that minimalism as a lifestyle contributes positively to a person's well-being. Smaller, clean spaces tend to be cozy and clutter-free. Tiny homes also offer tons of windows and views on the outdoors, another great way to enjoy nature and uplift your spirits. 

5. Less debt. On average, 58 percent of tiny homeowners have little to no credit card debt, and have more in savings than the average American. Living tiny will help you not overspend or go on shopping sprees, because there's simply not a lot of space to fill up with more stuff. This will help save money in the long run, and frees up cash to help pay off debt faster.

Tru Form Tiny is a premier tiny home builder headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. Family-owned and proudly handcrafted, we strive to deliver the most beautiful and innovative tiny homes possible using the highest standards of quality control to create an heirloom to be loved for years to come.

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