June 26

5 Tips for Tiny Home Living!



Tiny home living is the up and coming trend to address and adapt to the housing crisis. It is also a minimalist and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Aside from saving money, downsizing, and decreasing your carbon footprint- a tiny home can also earn back your money. How? By doing short term rentals, increasing your mobility if you’re a frequent traveler makes it practical. It is also easy to maintain!

Going tiny can be an outlandish idea for some. However, any of our tiny houses can be customized to meet each person’s individual needs. We can customize it to make your tiny unique to you!

Here are some tips that we have come up with to make the transition into a tiny house as smooth as possible.

5 Tips for Tiny Home Living

1.  “Marie Kondo” your closet!

We enjoyed Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and book just as much as anyone else. Does an item “bring you joy?” If not- donate it!

That one purse sitting in the back of your closet because it doesn’t match any of your outfits might be ready to go to a different home where it’ll get more use.

Did you go through a phase where you attempted to change your style but that retro corduroy jacket will never see the light of day?

Ya… it’s time to put it in the donate pile. And all of those random hats you get for free at events… Should I say it again…? Donate!

2. Use digital storage

digital storage for tiny homes

Can we all agree that we have that file cabinet or stack of paper of important paperwork but you’re not really sure what to do with it?

You might be able to find space for those bursting manila folders in your tiny but it’ll just keep accumulating! Yikes! Try transitioning into making electronic copies instead.

Scan it, upload it onto a computer and throw it onto a hard drive (maybe 2), You can also use cloud storage, then shred those papers and recycle it!

This also includes transitioning to eBooks and getting a Netflix and Spotify account. This helps you declutter your CD and DVD collection.

3. How many plates do you really need.

And, this goes for utensils, mugs, bowls, spatulas, pots, and pans. And let’s be honest, we all have that one mug we actually use. The rest just sits there and collects dust.

A good rule of thumb is to have a full set including a plate, bowl, mug, drinking glass, fork, spoon, and knife for four people. Now open that cluttered drawer with all the “cooking utensils” and pick one of everything. Now stop! That’s all you need.

You don’t need 6 different whisks, I promise! And knives- as tempting as it is to buy that complete knife set with 7 different mediocre knives.

Invest your money into getting just 2 or 3 high-quality knives. Must-have knives in a kitchen is a paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a serrated knife.

4. The garage.

Don’t be intimidated by that cluttered space and don’t fear, I’m not going to tell you to donate your skis, your weights, a box of family heirlooms, or your outdoor furniture.

There are just some things that don’t fit or belong inside your house- and that goes for a tiny house, too!

If these items are important to you, then there’s no shame to get that extra storage space. Store them there when you transition into your tiny house.

Similar to the way you use your garage, that’s how you can use smaller storage space, But try, please, just try, to not let it pile up into another version of well… your garage. 

5. Mentally prepare yourself for this transition.

Although it’s an exciting time, it can also be stressful. Whether you’re getting your customized tiny built by Tru Form or building it yourself, challenges will arise.

You might be transitioning to the tiny house all by yourself, with your partner, a furry friend, or with your kids! Have your family and friends help you with the downsizing tasks of decluttering your house.

Discuss your boundaries with your partner since you’ll be living in such close quarters. Find a space or community that you love and get along with when looking for a parking spot for the tiny.

And if you just can’t get rid of that purse when decluttering your closet- then keep it, don’t stress!

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Keep these tips in mind when you design your own. Start your tiny home living journey with us!

About the author 

Maia Sparkman & Adrian Winchester

Maia and Adrian have unique backgrounds that have led them to working on our marketing team. Maia, a PNW native, graduated with an undergrad in Environmental Studies and Biology from Seattle University. Adrian comes from Atlanta, and studied International Relations at Rhodes College in Memphis. Both Maia and Adrian were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Zambia where they lived in a unique form of tiny living in rural villages before joining the Tru Form Tiny team. They are both excited to help showcase the pros of tiny living and hope to help guide interested clients in finding the right tiny for them!

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