let Tru Form hook you up!


& Discounted Delivery for April Sales.


In celebration of our newly expanded warehouse, we would like to offer FREE Tru Form Tiny RV setups, and $500 off your delivery (to the contiguous United States).  Upon delivery of your Tiny, we will:

  • Hook up all your utilities 
  • Level your Tiny
  • Test your services and trouble shoot problems (if any) with your hookups
  • and, give comprehensive, hands on training in person. (includes solar settups)

This is a $1,000 value for signing a contract in April (cash sale discounts also apply).

Fill out our online designer, submit your design, and you'll be on your way to a new Tiny footprint. Act quickly to get your free concierge service by end of April. 

If you submitted a signed contract today we would be delivering your Tiny by early June. Our expansion has improved our lead times from 90 days to about 60 days (depending on the complexity of your build).


Tru Form Tiny Team
Ph: 775.502.0283


Liberty School Wines - On Tour in a TruForm Tiny

We'll keep you up to date on where they'll be next.  For now check them out at . . .

Austin Food and Wine

April 28, 2017 - April 30, 2017

Make sure to stop by the Liberty School Tiny House at Austin Food & Wine and live your roots with us!  Jack Allen’s Kitchen will be cooking up tasty bites to pair with our wines.  Explore our tiny house & take a photo.



A Tiny Open House @ TreeHouse

May 1, 2017

4477 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 600,  Austin, Texas
4 to 7

Liberty School Wines is partnering with TreeHouse on their Live Your Roots Tour! The experts in healthy home improvement and Liberty School Wine invite you to explore our tiny house at the TreeHouse headquarters in Austin, TX. Stop by and join the fun!

Follow their Journey:





Going Tiny: There's a Lot of Great Ideas Out There

Check out this couple's solutions for going tiny - it seems truly helpful.  We wanted to share it with you here; or you may have already seen it.  They downsized from 1,000 sq ft to 200 sq ft.  You can see how they went about it here:

Additionally, we collect a lot of information in our Pinterest site. One of our boards can be seen here . . .

And - if you haven't seen this book, check it out.  It's wonderful!

Cork Insulation in the White House

The picture below shows workmen installing cork insulation on the ceiling of the center hall, of the third floor, of the Whitehouse (for thermal insulation during renovations in 1951). Furthermore, Harry Truman chose to renovate the Oval Office during his presidency, incorporating polished cork herringbone floor. 

Cork insulation was used heavily in the United States, and was an extremely common choice for buildings until synthetic insulation was invented. At the time, the monetary cost of synthetic insulation was much cheaper and it's negative effects on the environment unknown.  It's only fitting that Truman chose cork insulation; it has excellent sound isolation qualities. For a President's important, and often times sensitive, communications. 


Cork insulation drastically reduces energy consumption. Its energy saving qualities last decades; far longer than most choices. This is due to cork's high insulation value, stability, and its reduction of thermal bridging. 

Cork is incredibly stable and can cope with major thermal variations. It is hypoallergenic and free of domestic toxins; all while preventing mold due to its vapor permeable layers. It's insulation value is high (R-4 per inch), it reduces thermal bridging, and its thermal resistance does not decrease over time, like foam insulation. It has excellent sound isolation, is dimensionally stable, and resistant to compression.

We've Decided to Offer Thermacork as an exterior siding/insulator on our Urban Exterior.

Due to it's efficiencies, Thermacork can serve both as an insulation and as cladding, simultaneously. We're excited to extend this product to our clients.

Information found at: