April 16

Building vs. Buying a Tiny House: Which Is Better for You?



If you’re ready to join the tiny home movement, you’re probably wondering about the best way to do it—building or buying. Building versus buying a tiny house has advantages, but knowing which is better for you can be tricky. Building offers customization and a sense of accomplishment but demands time and expertise, while buying provides convenience and immediate occupancy but may limit customization. Here at Tru Form, we try to bring the two together with customizable options that you can design yourself. Before jumping into either option, it’s important to determine the best fit for your lifestyle.

What Are Your Preferences?

Whether you lean toward constructing or purchasing a tiny house, your preferences matter. Do you relish in hands-on projects and do-it-yourself tasks? If so, building a tiny abode might be right for you. On the contrary, if you prefer a turnkey solution and lack the time or expertise for construction, purchasing a pre-built tiny house might be more suitable. Both options have pros and cons, so choose the option that aligns with your preferences.

Have You Set a Budget?

Another pivotal aspect to consider is your financial constraints and the resources at your disposal. Building a tiny home can be more economical in the long term, as it grants you greater control over materials and the costs of construction. On the other hand, investing in a pre-constructed tiny house could save you time and energy during the building phase.

Do You Have the Skills?

Undertaking the construction of a tiny house demands proficiency and familiarity with building and carpentry tasks. If you possess these skills or are enthusiastic about acquiring them, constructing your own mini dwelling can be gratifying. However, if you lack the requisite expertise or feel uncertain about your abilities, procuring a pre-made tiny house might present a more viable option. At Tru From, we work with extremely skilled crafters with years of experience. If you don’t have the skills to build your own tiny home or you’re worried about making some mistakes, there’s no need to worry—the experts at Tru Form have you covered!

What’s Your Timeline?

Constructing a tiny home demands time, dedication, meticulous planning, material sourcing, and construction work. If you have a flexible schedule and can commit the required time and effort, building a tiny house is perfect for you. Conversely, purchasing a ready-made tiny home is more pragmatic if urgency is a factor and you need a living space promptly.

Constructing and buying pre-built tiny homes have advantages, and it’s important to determine what’s better for you between building and buying. Whichever path you go down, be sure to work with professionals, like the experts at Tru Form Tiny. Regardless of your decision, we can help you build a home and have amazing tiny houses on wheels for sale. You’ll surely find a tiny home that’s right for you!

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Jen Carroll

Jen is one of the founders and has specialized in tiny home production. At times he breaks away and contributes to the conversations about tiny homes. When not building tiny homes Jen is enjoying his kids trying to keep up with the endless creativity and boundless energy.

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