How To Go Tiny In 2023

Thinking about going tiny in 2023? Buying a tiny home can be a great way to downsize your living space and simplify your lifestyle. Here are some steps you can follow to buy a tiny home: 1. Determine your budget: Figure out how much you can afford to spend on a tiny home. Keep in […]

Tiny Home Holiday Gift Guide December ’22

Tiny home designer and Tru Form Tiny owner speaks the love language of gift-giving. Home goods and smaller decor items make great gifts for yourself, your friends or family. If you’re looking for some last minute ideas to spruce up your space, or want to add them to your cart for a New Year reset, […]

5 Benefits of Small Space Living

Many people wonder if living tiny is actually better, and maybe we’re a little biased but we think there are a lot of benefits of small space living. From saving money to having a smaller footprint, going tiny can have a big impact. 1. More time together. Whether you’re single living with fur babies, a […]

A Colorful Kootenay: New Photos & Interior Design Finds

Check out one of our recent build-to-order tiny homes packed with pops of color, custom details and unique touches. This Urban Kootenay is 28-ft. of tiny home fun! While we love a timeless and monochromatic palette, the impact of painted wood walls, green accents, and acacia wood truly WOW’ed us all.  Urban Kootenay Custom 28-ft. […]

5 Tiny Home Tips

Simple tips for living simply. From parking to storage or your down payment, here are a few quick tips to get you started on your tiny home journey today. This is a great place to start! 5 tiny home tips 1. Find out where to park it FIRST! You don’t want to be mid-build and still […]

Shop The Look: New Shoppable Content by Tru Form Tiny

Shop Tru Form Tiny’s design and decor must-haves, furniture favorites and timeless interior inspirations with our brand new LTK platform! Pictured: Effortless vignettes, perfectly paired textured throws and pillows, lush house plants, delicately-delivered decor, cozy color palettes. Not pictured: Years of collecting, hundreds of hours pouring through design books, countless Pinterest boards, trial and error, […]

Expanded Production at Tru Form | Our Article in Register-Guard

We’ve Expanded! Doubling Down On Production at Tru Form | Our Article in Register-Guard The irony of building tiny, is that it actually can take up quite a lot of space! Especially when there’s a fleet of tiny’s in varying stages of construction.  On any given day, Tru Form can be working on up to […]

For The Tiny Home Enthusiast

Fall is officially here which means cooler weather and more time spent at home for cozy evenings. Living tiny creates comfort through highly-intentional design, making your time at home simple, beautiful and efficient. Whether in the mountains, by the sea, or in an urban metropolitan setting, tiny homes invite the outside in with their unique mobility and reduced footprints. Tru Form Tiny works tirelessly to create timeless and high-quality homes, where every detail counts. Each month, our expert designer shares Tru Form’s Top 4, including custom add-ons, favorite design finds and interior pieces, to make tiny living stylish, functional and effortless.