Craftsman Kootenay

Starting at $99,000

Discover the Craftsman style Kootenay. Its larger loft, peninsula kitchen, and fold-down deck appeal to socializing with loved ones. Architectural enhancements like a bump-out nook and dormers make it versatile for various kinds of living. Ideal for those valuing open living, available in 22, 24, & 28 feet lengths.

Luxury craftsman tiny home exterior featuring craftsman materials and large windows.
First and Loft Floor Plan of 24 Foot Tiny Home by Tru Form Tiny

Spacious Loft

The Kootenay has a larger loft, expanding its square footage, and offering our most open layout at Tru Form.

Peninsula Kitchen

Its robust, peninsula-style kitchen includes an extension leaf, ideal for socializing by providing counter and dining space simultaneously, this space is also great if you enjoy extra counter space for cooking.

Architectural Enhancements

Featuring a side-front door for a fold-down deck, and options like a bump-out nook, storage-rich stairs, a 5 ft. bathroom, dormers to a second loft, and a skylight above the main loft, the Kootenay offers versatile customization for your comfort and convenience.


Build Your Own

At Tru Form Tiny our styles are representative of our customers. We provide custom solutions for most jobs, and are always excited to start a project from scratch.


If you are looking for a completely custom tiny home, a group of tinys for a commercial property, or any other idea – we would love to chat.

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