October 8

For The Tiny Home Enthusiast



Fall is officially here which means cooler weather and more time spent at home for cozy evenings. Living tiny creates comfort through highly-intentional design, making your time at home simple, beautiful and efficient. Whether in the mountains, by the sea, or in an urban metropolitan setting, tiny homes invite the outside in with their unique mobility and reduced footprints. Tru Form Tiny works tirelessly to create timeless and high-quality homes, where every detail counts. Each month, our expert designer shares Tru Form's Top 4, including custom add-ons, favorite design finds and interior pieces, to make tiny living stylish, functional and effortless.

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About the author 

Jen Carroll

Jen is one of the founders and has specialized in tiny home production. At times he breaks away and contributes to the conversations about tiny homes. When not building tiny homes Jen is enjoying his kids trying to keep up with the endless creativity and boundless energy.

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