June 29

Fridge Organization Ideas and Other Space-Saving Tips



When making the move into a tiny home one thing that may be a little bit smaller is the fridge. You may be worried about losing that small fridge, but I’m here to give you fridge organization ideas to double its space!

The first thing to think about when you move to a smaller fridge is what you actually use.

I’ve been guilty of having a few too many leftovers and more than one too many salad dressings so the best place to start downsizing is realizing what you actually use!

A lot of people think that making the switch will be hard, but then they end up not missing all that extra space anyway.

Space-Saving Fridge Organization Ideas

1. Plan Your Grocery Shopping List

plan your grocery shopping list

One way to save on fridge space is to plan your regular consumption so that you will be buying fewer groceries at a time. Planning your meals and knowing what you will eat in one week can keep your fridge tidy!

When you plan your shopping list, you also eliminate impulse buying that ends up cluttering your fridge.

2. Leave Out Items that Do Not Need Refrigeration

There are actually some items that you can leave out of your fridge and don’t actually need to be refrigerated. While you may love Costco, bulk groceries can fill up your fridge.

Another way to maximize your fridge space is by buying smaller sizes. The big jelly or gallon of milk might have to be traded out for something more suited for a small fridge space.

What to Leave Out

The chances are you (like me) have been leaving a few too many of these items clogging up your fridge. Items like pickles, bread, peanut butter, potatoes, coffee, hot sauce, tomatoes, fruits with hard pits (e.g. peaches, plums, etc.) don’t need to be refrigerated.

3. Use Square, Stackable Containers

Maximize the vertical space in your ref by using square containers that you can easily stack up. Round containers use too much space.

4. Cook Just Enough

Sometimes we are all guilty of cooking an amount that is more than what we can consume for the day, leaving a lot of leftovers that are sometimes forgotten and eventually end up in trash.

5. Use Hanging Refrigerator Shelves

maximize fridge space

You will be amazed how much more storage your fridge has when you have a fridge organizer and reclaim more fridge space!

6. Vacuum Seal Your Food

When you vacuum seal your food, not only do you conserve space because of the tighter storage (compared to storing meat in box containers), you will also make the food last longer!

More Tips for Tiny Home Living

There are also a number of fridge organization that you may not have thought of, so check some of the items that are clogging up your fridge! This will free up a lot of space and it also gives you a chance to get cleaning and you may realize you don’t need that big double door fridge anyway!

Not only can you maximize fridge space with these tips, you can also read more about smart ideas for tiny home living!

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