July 9

Get To Know the Kootenay Model



The Kootenay model is named after a mountain range up in British Columbia. Jon, one of the owner’s of Tru Form Tiny, in the 70’s found himself with a new baby up in BC where the Kootenay mountain range is. Fondness for the beautiful wilderness and the Canadian hospitality, it only seemed right to name one of our tiny models after the Kootenay range!

We offer 3 travel trailer models: Payette, Kootenay, or Verve. The difference between the 3 models are the floor plans including bedrooms, kitchen style, lofts and bathrooms. Still confused? No worries, here’s some information broken down to help!

Key Features of the Kootenay:

  • Most open layout
  • Larger loft
  • Peninsula style kitchen (similar to a kitchen island but one end is attached to the wall) w/ extension leaf included- offers counter/dining space
  • Front door is on the side
  • Fold down Deck
  • 3 ft bathroom
  • 24′ & 28′ units have optional 2nd loft

Some Guiding Questions…

To access the loft, do you want a ladder or stairs?
For the exterior, do you want country, cottage or urban?
Do you want a 22, 24, or 28 ft tiny?

Kootenay Model Exterior
28′ Urban Exterior


  • Bump out nook
  • Stairs w/ storage
  • 5 ft bathroom
  • Dormers to 2nd lofted space
  • Skylight above main loft
  • Solar Panels
  • Awning

Check It Out!

Tiny Living featured a couple of our Kootenay Models on their blog, which includes plenty of pictures to get a better sense of the interior and exterior of these tiny’s.

This 28′ Urban Kootenay has a combination of black standing metal and clear cedar siding that gives it that chic urban look. The owner of this tiny customized it to include a bump out nook, a built in couch, and a XL dormer. Make sure to check out the photos of the “L-shaped” grey quartz peninsula kitchen! This tiny belongs to the Cunningham family, as known as “@threetinyhams” on instagram- go check out their house!

The other tiny home featured is the 28′ Country Kootenay which has a queen bed on the downstairs floor and a king on the upstairs floor. We love the slide out addition at the end of the L-Shaped counter!

Also watch this video that features our 28′ Urban Kootenay! (the same tiny that’s the display picture for this blog post!) Or this video of another one of our 28′ Urban Kootenay’s!

Other Photos

Kootenay 28' Urban
Peninsula style kitchen & stairs w/ storage to 1st loft in 28′ Urban

Tiny home model
Ground floor bedroom in 28′ Urban

tiny home bedroom loft
Lofted bedroom in 28′ Urban

tiny home bathroom w/ tub
Urban Bathroom w/ Tub


Now let’s talk pricing… Kootenay’s start at $75,900 but averages around $80,000-150,000 depending on the add-ons or the tiling, siding and other material you want in the interior/exterior. Now that you have a better idea of the models, you can design your own tiny to get a better idea of how much your customized tiny would cost!

Keep your eye out for future blog posts to “get to know” our other models!

About the author 

Maia Sparkman & Adrian Winchester

Maia and Adrian have unique backgrounds that have led them to working on our marketing team. Maia, a PNW native, graduated with an undergrad in Environmental Studies and Biology from Seattle University. Adrian comes from Atlanta, and studied International Relations at Rhodes College in Memphis. Both Maia and Adrian were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Zambia where they lived in a unique form of tiny living in rural villages before joining the Tru Form Tiny team. They are both excited to help showcase the pros of tiny living and hope to help guide interested clients in finding the right tiny for them!

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