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Get To Know the Payette Model



The Payette model gets its name from a mountain range in Idaho, but keep reading to find out what comes with this design! We offer 3 travel trailer models: Payette, Kootenay, and Verve. The difference between the 3 models are the floor plans including bedroom sizes & location, kitchen style, lofts, bathrooms and decks. Still confused? No worries, here’s some information broken down to help!

Key Features of the Payette Model:

  • Large loft
  • Galley Style Kitchen a.k.a. two parallel runs on either side, leaving a central corridor in which to work
  • Front door access is on the side of the great room
  • Vaulted living space (high ceilings)
  • Downstairs bedroom w/ storage or bedroom loft above it
  • 3 ft or 5 ft bathroom

Some Guiding Questions…

To access the loft, do you want a ladder or stairs?
For the exterior, do you want country, cottage or urban?
Do you want a 20, 24 or 28 ft tiny?

country payette
24′ Country Payette Exterior


  • Bump out nook
  • Stairs w/ storage
  • 5 ft bathroom
  • Dormers to lofted space
  • Skylight above main loft
  • Solar Panels
  • Awning
  • Porch

Check It Out!

Tiny Living featured a couple of our Payette Models on their blog, which includes plenty of pictures to get a better sense of the interior and exterior of these tiny’s.

Tess, one of our 28′ Country Payette Models, has the green siding country style exterior and is a spacious 328 sq. feet allowing for a main floor bedroom and two lofts! Another version of the Payette is this 28′ Urban Model, this urban exterior is made of clear cedar siding and black panels. This client in particular opted for the bump out nook and solar panel add-ons.

Head on over to Youtube and watch this video of our 28′ Urban Payettes! Happy viewing 🙂

Other Photos…

galley kitchen
Galley Kitchen in 24′ Country Payette

loft bedroom
1st Loft w/ Stairs in 24′ Urban Rustic Payette

2nd loft bedroom
2nd Loft in 24′ Urban Rustic Payette

28' Urban Payette Bathroom w/ Standing Shower
28′ Urban Payette Bathroom w/ Standing Shower


Now let’s talk pricing… the Payette model starts at $72,900 but averages around $80,000-140,000 depending on the add-ons or the tiling, siding and other material you want in the interior/exterior. Now that you have a better idea of the models, go design your own tiny to get a better idea of how much your customized tiny would cost!

About the author 

Maia Sparkman & Adrian Winchester

Maia and Adrian have unique backgrounds that have led them to working on our marketing team. Maia, a PNW native, graduated with an undergrad in Environmental Studies and Biology from Seattle University. Adrian comes from Atlanta, and studied International Relations at Rhodes College in Memphis. Both Maia and Adrian were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Zambia where they lived in a unique form of tiny living in rural villages before joining the Tru Form Tiny team. They are both excited to help showcase the pros of tiny living and hope to help guide interested clients in finding the right tiny for them!

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