Get your customers into an experience they’ll remember for a life time.

Tru Form Tinys have notorious success as hospitality destinations. We offer Tiny House RV production services to hospitality and investment ventures. Create communities with tiny houses, or rent out properties and get high returns and exceptional customer satisfaction with your Tru Form Tinys.

Tiny Home Architect

1  Design

Tru Form Tiny offers a comprehensive design/build service to commercial, hospitality, and high yield ventures.  Every hospitality endeavor appeals to a unique market . . . Tru Form offers diverse aesthetics, innovative design solutions, and quality you can trust.  Get your investment working quickly for you with a batch of Tru Form Tinys. We offer unit design services and interior decorating services. We’re excited you will be able to take advantage of demand, for an experience that far exceeds supply.

Tiny House Oregon

2  Build

Whether you’re developing a site with 3 units, or 60, we have what you need to make your project a reality.  

Our lead times are adaptable to accelerated production needs. We have exceptional vendor relationships, production intelligence, certifications, and outstanding quality control, and attention to detail. This makes Tru Form the best choice for investment ventures that want assured returns that last.  

Tiny Home Custom Build

3  High Returns

Get your customers into an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. Tru Form Tinys have notorious success as hospitality destinations. The more you buy, the higher the price breaks.  Our processes and costs are improved by standardization.  We are able to forward this benefit on to buyers that help us to realize these savings.  Every project is different.  Once we have a better sense of you project parameters we will be able to price your project accordingly. 

As an added bonus, because of our exceptional quality, it is easier to apply for insurance and financing

Let us help you!

We at Tru Form Tiny want to help you get the most out of your investment. We have provided several links below to help you with your journey:

  • Want to know the difference between our models? We have blog posts about our Kootenay and Payette Models. 
  • Want to know the estimated cost of owning a home? Build a tiny house online using our tool!
  • Banks have partnered with us to help with financing.
  • Read more on our FAQ page


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