April 15

How Long Does It Take To Build a Custom Tiny Home?



The timeline for a custom tiny home project is different from a traditional home construction project. Figuring out how long it takes to build a custom tiny home depends on the builder and the design. At Tru Form, our builds take between four and six months, but that timeline can change depending on a few important factors.

Tiny Home Size

The dimensions of your tiny home can establish the construction timeline. A tiny home around 200–300 square feet takes less time to build than a structure exceeding 500 square feet. At Tru Form, it also heavily depends on when you order your tiny home. During some months, we are much busier than others. We also typically build our homes entirely custom, so our lead time is generally 6–10 weeks.

Home Complexity

The intricacy of your custom tiny home design also determines the building timeframe. For example, a pre-designed model is easier to complete, while customized builds will take longer. Custom jobs may last as long as six or seven months. If your vision includes a sophisticated layout with unique features and details, such as custom storage solutions and energy-efficient systems, construction will take longer.

The Materials

Selecting materials for your custom tiny home can significantly influence how long it takes to build. Opt for premium, long-lasting materials, but note that using they may extend the construction period compared to more basic options.

Material Availability

The availability of materials can also impact the construction timeline. When dealing with unique or custom materials for your project, consider the sourcing process. It involves identifying suppliers, evaluating samples, and ensuring the quality meets your standards. One of the most recent units we built utilized Shou Sugi Ban siding, bunt cypress imported from Japan. Such materials are beautiful, but it does make the home-building process take longer because we have to wait for those materials to arrive.

The integration of these materials into the build may require specific handling or installation techniques, further extending the timeline. You should account for these additional steps and the potential delays that they may bring.

The timeline for building a custom tiny home includes many factors like size and complexity. Before jumping into this project, it’s important to work with high-quality home builders like us at Tru Form Tiny. We make planning, designing, and constructing easy. With us on your side, you can have the travel tiny home of your dreams in no time at all!

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