Where it all began

In 1978 Jon Carroll (co-owner) planted trees with the largest worker owned co-op in the United States - Hoedads Reforestation Cooperative. With his family, including his 3 year old son Jen Carroll (co-owner), Jon spent half the year in Northwest forests, working and living.  They began with pitching a tent, but quickly found living this way difficult when the weather turned in winter.  Needing to get his family out of the mud and into a clean, warm environment, Jon decided to construct a tiny house travel trailer, long before "Tiny" was in style.  After some trial and error, the house became a functional and beautiful home for use during planting seasons.  Warm, cozy, and out of the mud!

Jon and 3 year old Jen adjusting the first tiny house in 1978

Jon and 3 year old Jen adjusting the first tiny house in 1978

Later the Carroll family changed professions and moved into town, leaving their tiny lifestyle behind.

Remembering that time affectionately almost 38 years later; Jen and his wife Malia (co-owners) have decided to revisit small scale mobile design, applying their skills to certified and inspected RVs.  This time the passion is strong to develop beautiful Tiny’s, and the Tiny Living vision is widely shared.  

Our Business

TruForm's background stems from 50 years experience in residential home building, and Jen and Malia’s passion for sustainability. We put painstaking attention into every unit, and we use fully licensed plumbers and electricians to assure your safety. Tru Form offers diverse design styles and finishes (modern, rustic, craftsman, open studios, offices, hospitality, & more).  We love working with our clients to find solutions for their unique needs; Tru Form is the quality solution to your extraordinary build. 

Our recreational vehicles/travel trailers are built with true home building materials, so that you can feel the comforts of home no matter where you land with your Tiny.  It's our vision that our clients walk away happier, more empowered, and inspired by the beauty and comfort of our product.  We believe that by building on such a small scale, beautiful finishes become more accessible, and sustainable choices become realistically attainable.

We pay our employees a competitive wage and benefits, while utilizing local, green, high end materials, and listed products. You can walk away assured that you've made an ethical decision when you've purchased one of our Travel Trailers.


  • Members of RVIA

  • NADA listed

  • Passive House Certified Builders. One of the leading certifications for energy efficient homes

  • Built and certified LEED for Homes new homes. Gold Certification

  • AIA Northwest's Annual Craftsmanship Nominee

  • AIAS "Methods and Materials" award at the Annual U of O School of Architecture Design