Payette Travel Trailer Tiny Homes 

Payette (pay-yet)

The Payette travel trailer tiny home stands out as one of Tru Form Tiny's most versatile models, offering clients the flexibility to prioritize key design elements. Whether you’re opting for a larger or smaller bathroom, incorporating a downstairs bedroom, or adding multiple sleeping areas, this model adapts to your preferences. Our online designer tool is an excellent resource for experimenting with these options.

The design journey starts with the exterior, showcasing a range of siding combinations and window layouts. Moving to the interior, the combination of finishes and architectural design crafts a distinct style, making each modern Payette tiny home uniquely yours.

The Payette Travel Trailer tiny home is a versatile configuration featuring loft bedroom accessed by ladder or stairs.

The following Payette features:

  • Kitchen is galley style (corridor). 
  • Front door access is on the side.
  • Main living space is vaulted and open.

Larger floor plans offer a downstairs bedroom with storage/bedroom loft above it. 

Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storagelarge 5 ft bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft. 

tiny home wooden exterior in oregon


  • 20 footer is 240 sf
  • 24 footer is 273 sf
  • 28 footer is 304 sf

All lengths are 8'6" wide.

Payette Floorplans

Floor plans are driven by kitchen size & utilization, which determine loft size, and possible stair options. Longer trailer lengths eliminate some limitations.

payette small kitchen floorplan

Payette with Extended Kitchen

Payette small kitchen floor plan tiny home

Payette with Kitchenette Option

Small house with storage stairs

Payette with Stairs Option

Payette Architectural Add-ons

In addition to choosing your floorplan for the kitchen, you can also extend your Payette by adding either a seating nook, or an additional sleeping area/bedroom. Design your own house using our online tool.

tiny house floorplan with additional sitting nook
tiny house floorplan bedroom

We built Tiny's using our Payette model. See our gallery below to get inspiration for designing your own tiny home!

Other travel trailer models

Apart from our Payette model, we also have the Kootenay and the Verve. 

small house design idea floor plan


Kootenay travel trailer model has a larger loft which adds to its square footage. This makes it our most open lay out. It also features a robust, peninsula-type kitchen which includes a leaf (caters to socializing), simultaneously offering counter and dining space. Front door is on the side allowing a fold down deck. In addition, for larger units door placement is off kitchen - leaving more space in great room.  

Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storage, large 5 ft. bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft.  

Learn more about Kootenay or custom design one using our online tool.

tiny home blueprint


Our Verve line starts at 16ft, with other lengths to choose from. However, don't let the small size fool you as this small house still has the amenities and functionality you will need in a tiny home; living room that converts into a bedroom, galley-style kitchen, and toilet and bath with sink.

While a pull-out conversion couch and kitchen table is not standard to this model, we do offer them as an option

Check our designs and floorplans of our Verve model

Are you ready to design your dream tiny home?