Our Staff

Our team is the lifeblood of our operation. Dedicated to the creativity and craftsmanship that allows Tru Form Tiny to produce tiny homes that fit your life.

Tru Form Tiny Team sitting in front of a newly built tiny home

Micah Bowling

Lead Sales Manager
Micah Bowling is one of two vibrant Salesman at Tru Form Tiny, known for his personality and genuine kindness towards customers. With his outgoing nature and talkative demeanor, Micah creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone he encounters, making them feel valued and heard throughout the sales process.

As a father of two children, Micah’s family is at the center of his world. He cherishes his 20-year marriage with his wife, finding joy in creating and fixing things for his kids in his spare time.

Outside of work and family life, Micah has a penchant for adventure and discovery. He enjoys treasure hunting through activities like metal detecting and magnet fishing, always on the lookout for hidden gems. Additionally, Micah has a unique hobby of prepping for potential apocalyptic scenarios, demonstrating his practical mindset and readiness for any challenge.


Prior to his role in sales at Tru Form Tiny, Micah spent 17 years in the HVAC & Refrigeration industry, honing his skills and expertise. Now, he finds immense fulfillment in connecting customers with their dream tiny homes, contributing significantly to the success of the business and ensuring the continued employment of his colleagues.


With his dynamic personality, genuine warmth, and dedication to his craft, Micah Bowling plays a crucial role in making the tiny home buying experience a memorable and enjoyable one for all Tru Form Tiny customers.

Abraham Barajas

Sales Representative

Meet Abraham, our Tiny House Sales Representative at TruForm Tiny. Abraham is a passionate advocate for sustainable living, bringing his dedication and expertise to our team. With a keen interest in tacos, tiny houses, and the cutting-edge realm of artificial intelligence, Abraham offers a unique perspective to our tiny home community. 

Abraham is one of our two Sales Representatives at Tru Form Tiny! This guy’s got more hustle than a squirrel in a peanut factory. Abraham is an extremely driven member of our amazing team. He owns a grocery store, and is also a law school graduate. Talk about a go-getter!

But here’s the kicker—Abraham’s true love? People. Abraham thrives on building connections with people, fueled by his deep curiosity about what motivates and inspires others. He channels this insight into assisting our clients in designing tiny homes that authentically reflect their dreams and lifestyles. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned tiny house enthusiast, Abraham is committed to guiding you through every step of the process with care and expertise.



So, whether you’re a first-time tiny homeowner or a seasoned pro, hitch a ride with Abraham on the Tru Form Tiny train. With his infectious enthusiasm and knack for making dreams come true, you’ll be living large in your pint-sized paradise in no time.

Elle Wayt

Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator

Elle Wayt is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at Tru Form Tiny. With over six years of experience in social media marketing across diverse industries including women’s fashion, tactical armor, luxury tiny homes, and custom hardwood furniture, Elle is highly personable and skilled in managing social media accounts and creating captivating content.


A graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in Marketing and Journalism, accompanied by a minor in French, Elle’s academic background provides a strong foundation for her role in marketing and client communication at Tru Form.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Elle is adept at client-facing interactions and excels in creating engaging content tailored to Tru Form’s unique brand identity. Her passion for photography, videography, and content creation is evident in her work, ensuring that Tru Form’s online presence remains vibrant and compelling.


Outside of her role at Tru Form, Elle enjoys pursuing her hobbies, including photography, attending concerts, creating video content, cooking, backpacking, and swimming. She also shares her home with her beautiful bunny, Tofu. 


With her diverse skill set and passion for marketing, Elle is a great asset to the Tru Form team.

Josh Wilson

Lead Framer and Supervisor for South Building (South Building)

Meet Josh Wilson, the powerhouse behind our South Building operations at Tru Form Tiny. As the Lead Framer and Supervisor, Josh is known far and wide for his unwavering commitment to quality and his meticulous attention to detail. Jen, our operations manager, recognizes Josh for his consistency and dedication to success in each project. 


Josh’s journey in carpentry began in his formative years. By the age of 20, he was already leading his own framing crew with a confidence and skill that belied his youth. Despite the challenges of managing a team much older than himself, Josh remained undaunted, fueled by love for the craft and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

But Josh’s world extends far beyond the confines of the workshop. When he’s not busy crafting tiny house dreams, you’ll find him basking in the joys of fatherhood alongside his son and best friend, Sawyer. Whether they’re pitching a tent under the stars, casting lines into tranquil waters, conquering rugged trails, or engaging in epic battles on the digital battlefield, Josh treasures every moment spent in the company of his beloved son.


At TruForm Tiny, Josh isn’t just an employee—he’s family. His dedication, skill, and passion infuse every aspect of our work, shaping the very essence of who we are as a company. Without Josh Wilson, TruForm simply wouldn’t be TruForm. So here’s to you, Josh—the cornerstone of our success and the embodiment of everything we stand for.

Rico Ricci

Floor Supervisor

Rico Ricci is the floor supervisor at Tru Form and has worked in just about every department for the 5 years he has been with us. With over 5 years under his belt at Tru Form, Rico’s love for construction runs deep, tracing back to his childhood days spent on home building projects.


Rico has been managing construction crews since he was a freshman in high school. His professional journey includes stints as a tattoo apprentice and a glass artist. Rico’s pursuit of a degree in Construction Engineering and Management at Lane Community College demonstrates his commitment to growth, despite temporary interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outside of work, Rico indulges in various crafts such as glass art, leatherwork, screenprinting, and woodworking, with plans to delve into blacksmithing. He also enjoys photography and cherishes family time. Rico’s diverse background, coupled with his dedication to craftsmanship and construction, make him an invaluable member of the Tru Form team.


In a nutshell, Rico’s a one-of-a-kind blend of construction know-how, artistic flair, and a whole lot of heart. He’s the secret sauce that makes Tru Form a fun, light-hearted place to work, as well as give us the amazing product to sell.

Tyler Stiffler

Utilities Supervisor

Tyler Stiffler is the Utilities Supervisor at Tru Form Tiny, where he oversees critical operations and ensures the smooth functioning of utilities within Tru Form. He also serves as the leader of the Safety Committee, demonstrating his commitment to creating a secure and healthy work environment for his colleagues.


Originally from Oregon, Tyler is a second-generation carpenter, deeply rooted in the construction industry from his upbringing. His affinity for craftsmanship and the art of building runs in his family, a trait he carries proudly into his role at Tru Form Tiny. Tyler’s son, Samm, also contributes to the team at Tru Form, continuing the family legacy within the carpentry world.

Despite his career in construction, Tyler also has a passion for science and environmental studies, earning a degree in Biology with an emphasis on ecology and genetics from the University of Oregon. Beyond his professional pursuits, Tyler has tons of fun hobbies and interests. He loves intricate wood carving and gardening, expressing his creativity. As a devoted Prunerist, Tyler finds joy in the craft of pruning topiaries, showcasing his attention to detail and love for botanical aesthetics.


Tyler spreads positivity and cheer among his coworkers by giving them stickers during the work day, that are oftentimes scented as fun fruits. He finds relaxation in nature, whether it’s the simple pleasure of throwing rocks and sticks into rivers, climbing trees, or leisurely sauntering through streams.


Tyler joined the Tru Form team in 2017, bringing with him years of expertise and a genuine dedication to his work. He is known for his positivity, attention to detail, and kind spirit.

Austin Carter

Floor Departures – Quality Control and Finish work

Austin Carter brings a unique blend of design expertise and hands-on construction experience to his role at Tru Form. With a degree in design from The Evergreen State College, specializing in green building and code innovation practices, Austin’s passion for sustainable architecture and construction was ignited early on. During his time at Evergreen, he immersed himself in projects that introduced him to the details of working in a wood shop environment, laying the foundation for his future at Tru Form.


Post-grad, Austin went through various general contracting roles in Washington and Idaho. It was during this period that he honed his skills and gained awesome experience in the field, working on a diverse range of projects. His expertise eventually led him to contribute to the creation of high-end custom homes in Boise, Idaho, where he played a significant role in bringing architectural visions to life. So cool!

Outside of the office, Austin finds joy in exploring the local music scene and sharing his own talent through playing in bands, check them out here on Spotify. When he’s not on the job, you’ll likely catch Austin soaking up nature’s beauty or creating elaborate meals to share with friends and loved ones— Austin is an outdoor lover and foodie at heart.


With his diverse skill set, unwavering dedication, and passion for both his work and personal interests, Austin Carter is an invaluable asset to the Truform team, continually driving forward the company’s mission of excellence in design and construction.

Zac Murr

Paint Supervisor

Zac Murr has been a dedicated member of the Tru Form team for seven years, where he has earned a reputation for his exceptional skills and efficiency in the paint department. With 18 years of experience in the painting industry, Zac’s journey started while working closely with his father.  


Outside of his professional life, Zac is a big family man. Zac enjoys spending quality time with his two daughters, who are 11 and 3. He cherishes the moments spent with his family and values the balance between work and personal life. Zac is married to Signe, another extremely important part of the Tru Form team, who has been working with Tru Form for 5 years. 

In addition to his expertise in painting, Zac is an avid fisherman and finds relaxation whenever he is in nature. He also has a passion for cooking, which allows him to express his creativity in the kitchen and bring joy to his loved ones through delicious meals.


Known for his ability to get things done efficiently and effectively, Zac’s expertise and leadership as Paint Supervisor have been instrumental in ensuring the high standards of Tru Form’s painting projects. His commitment to excellence and his positive attitude make him a valued member of the team.

Jeff Holloway

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Joey Villaflor

Assistant Project + Purchasing Manager

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