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Tiny House Kitchen Design: Key Things You Should Know



A tiny home is going to have a smaller version of everything in a traditional home, including the kitchen. However, while you can reduce the size of your kitchen, the stuff you eat is going to require the same prep, storage, and serving sizes, so how can you do that in a smaller space? Here are a few key things you should know when it comes to tiny house kitchen design. Trust us, you can fully maximize the limited space when you completely understand what to do. It takes some work, but soon you’ll be making all your favorite home meals again!

Open Shelving

Embracing open shelving in small kitchens can truly revolutionize the space. Our Cascade Max park model is one of the best examples of how much open shelving can transform your kitchen and the overall look and feel of your tiny home. You create a sense of expansiveness and airiness in your tiny home when you opt for open shelves, and make it easier for you to reach your daily essentials. This design choice can bring a modern touch while maximizing your kitchen’s functionality and style.

Consider adding some decorative elements like potted herbs or colorful dishes on the open shelves to infuse personality into the space. Embracing open shelving is your best option if you want your tiny home kitchen to be a welcoming and functional area for cooking and gathering with loved ones.

Smart Storage Solutions

Implementing the right smart storage solutions is another key part of effective tiny home kitchen design. Consider these solutions to truly revolutionize the functionality of every nook within your kitchen area:

  • Pullout pantries
  • Corner cabinets
  • Plate racks
  • Magnetic knife strips

With these smart solutions, you can optimize storage space efficiently, enhancing organization and contributing to creating a more inviting kitchen environment. The right solutions can do a lot in taking your tiny kitchen to the next level, making it easier for you and your family to enjoy.

Custom Storage for Cookware

Implementing custom storage solutions for your cookware is another great way you can boost the feeling in your tiny kitchen. Tailoring custom storage solutions for your cookware ensures a seamless fit within your small kitchen layout and optimizes your space utilization. Customization paves the way for effortless culinary endeavors, allowing you to easily access your pots, pans, and utensils while maintaining an organized and clutter-free cooking space.

You need custom storage options for cookware if you want a sense of calm and efficiency in your kitchen, and at Tru Form Tiny, we’ve done just that. Consider checking out our Terra Haven unit, a beautiful and luxurious tiny home layout that feels spacious and expensive. Using deep, oversized pullouts and space-maximizing solutions in other parts of your home like under the bed, you can save space without compromising on the look and feel of your tiny home. You can still cook like normal when you invest in the right tiny home that makes a smaller kitchen feel big!

Cohesive Design Lighting

You must invest in a well-thought-out and cohesive lighting design to really make your tiny home kitchen feel big. Cohesive lighting can work wonders in enhancing the perceived spaciousness of the area. With different layers of ambient, task, and accent lighting, you can create a sense of depth, dimension, and sophistication in your kitchen.

Additionally, consider using adjustable lighting fixtures to allow flexibility in illuminating different areas according to your needs throughout the day. This versatility brings functionality and style to your kitchen space. Change some lights around and you can quickly turn your kitchen into a welcoming and efficient environment for both cooking and socializing.

Moveable Furniture

Moveable furniture is another great way to make your kitchen functional and dynamic enough to not take up too much space in your tiny home. Moveable furniture like kitchen islands with casters help you reconfigure your kitchen’s layout to seamlessly transition between cooking, dining, and socializing. Flexible furniture pieces truly transform the kitchen into the go-to destination in your tiny home.

Multi-Purpose Sinks

Multi-purpose sinks are another great option for your tiny home kitchen, as you can have a sink that doubles as a drying rack or cutting board. These sinks help you reclaim precious counter space, but they also streamline your entire cooking process. Moving between chopping, rinsing, and drying dishes is easy, making meal prep a much easier experience that doesn’t use too much space.

Natural Elements

Warm, richly textured wood accents or stone countertops can do a lot of good for your kitchen’s look. These natural elements create a cozy ambiance and add richness to the feel of the space, making it even more inviting and warm. You can choose from many natural element options, so be sure to find the one that’s right for your kitchen without clashing with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

Embracing wall-mounted storage solutions is another great way to boost your kitchen’s design and save space. Hanging shelves or magnetic racks can keep all your essentials close by, making them easy to reach when cooking. These additions help optimize your space’s functionality by decluttering your countertops, helping to make your space feel cleaner and more organized.

Compact Appliances

Selecting compact appliances that offer versatile functionalities can create more efficiency in the kitchen. For instance, you save space and unlock a world of cooking possibilities when you have a toaster oven that also functions as a convection oven and air fryer. This multifunctional appliance empowers you to cook a whole host of foods without compromising on convenience or creativity.

Embrace an Ergonomic Layout

Crafting an ergonomic layout in your kitchen is a tricky process that involves keeping important utensils close to make cooking more seamless. The right kitchen organization makes everything flow better, turning a claustrophobic kitchen into one that is efficient and optimizes your day-to-day cooking. A thoughtful and ergonomic design makes cooking smoother, more enjoyable, and much more satisfying at the end of the day.

Don’t Forget Personal Touches

While efficiency is important in your kitchen, you can’t forget about decoration. You must make the kitchen work for you by adding the following personal touches in addition to making it a safe and comfortable place to cook:

  • Photos
  • Small plants (like succulents)
  • Curtains
  • Silly knickknacks
  • Fun magnets

The right personal accents can do a lot to boost your tiny kitchen’s aesthetics, making meal prep that much more fun.

Embarking on the exciting journey of designing your tiny home kitchen can seem overwhelming at first glance, but when you know these key things, you can make your kitchen functional and stylish. Here at Tru Form Tiny, we want to help you design your own tiny house. With our years of expertise in designing and crafting these tiny homes, we can help you unleash your creativity and maximize the potential of every precious inch of your home.

Tiny House Kitchen Design: Key Things You Should Know

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