March 24

Tips for Living in a Tiny Home With Your Pets



No matter how much you love your pet, and no matter how big or small they may be, they tend to get in the way. Feeling crowded can happen anywhere, but the feeling can occur more often in a tiny home. Yes, a small dog or cat won’t make as significant of a difference as a large Labrador, but even a small furry friend’s presence can be enough to throw off your tiny home’s balance. Learning how to live in a tiny home with your pets is essential if you want to make tiny home living manageable.

Utilize Catwalks

Take advantage of the vertical world inside your home and install some catwalks if you have a cat, so they can get up, stretch, and walk around without getting in your way. With the right catwalks, you can give your cat a wonderful space to walk around and lounge on without worrying they’ll take over your home. The right catwalks are good for your furry friend, you, and your tiny home, giving everyone the space they need to veg out without being too far away from each other.

Litter Boxes in Enclosed Spaces

Litter boxes are not a fun thing to have lying around, but in a normal-sized home, they are easier to hide. Try to keep your pet’s litter boxes in enclosed spaces if you want to make tiny home living work for both of you. This strategy helps free up valuable floor space in your home, but it also helps isolate smells in a specific area. A secret location for your pet’s litter box will keep your pet’s bathroom hidden and out of the way and keep your home smelling fresh.

Embrace Outdoor Areas

While tiny homes may not have a lot of indoor space, you could also have plenty of outdoor space to take advantage of. Take full advantage of all that the outdoors has to offer if you want to make tiny home living with your pets easy. Depending on the nature of your pets they could roam off-leash, or you could create a pet-friendly outdoor area. A simple fenced-in yard is a safe and secure outdoor enclosure for your pets to live their lives to the fullest.

With the right outdoor space, you’re also creating more usable space for your tiny home. With usable land right outside your door, you can have comfortable nights out, gazing at the stars, or you could just have a space for your pets when you want to clean indoors.

Remember, living in a tiny home with your pets is all about finding creative solutions that work for you and your furry friends. With these tips in mind, you and all your pets can live your tiny home life to the fullest! Let Tru Form Tiny help if you want to create your ideal tiny home on wheels. With our expertise and tools, we’ll build the right home for your whole family in no time.

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Jen Carroll

Jen is one of the founders and has specialized in tiny home production. At times he breaks away and contributes to the conversations about tiny homes. When not building tiny homes Jen is enjoying his kids trying to keep up with the endless creativity and boundless energy.

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