Top 4 Questions To Ask When Buying a Pre-Built Tiny Home

Top 4 Questions To Ask When Buying a Pre-Built Tiny Home

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If you’re searching for a pre-built tiny home that’s perfect for you, your lifestyle, and your budget, you want Tru Form Tiny, the highest quality tiny home builder there is. We do our best to cater to your needs with our custom units, but even before buying a pre-built tiny home, there are a few important questions you must ask. Ask these questions to ensure you have the right idea of what you’re getting and are fully prepared when making that large of a financial and life decision.

What Is the Total Cost?

When inquiring about the total cost of the pre-built tiny home, it’s crucial to factor in any additional fees or expenses that may arise. There’s the initial cost of construction, but maintenance fees, energy bills, and taxes come later. When you consider all these costs, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the financial commitment that comes with living tiny.

However, it’s also important to note that price isn’t everything. Here at Tru Form, we have multiple different tiny homes for sale that you should look through. We also have consignment options, so even if the price is not what you were expecting, you can get your tiny home today.

What’s Included in the Price?

Clarifying the inclusions allows you to gain a deeper insight into what’s in the quoted price. Different builders may have varying policies—some may include appliances and fixtures as standard, while other builders have them as optional add-ons. At Tru Form, a common query we receive is whether the home comes fully furnished. Typically, we include appliances, so it’s advisable to double-check to ensure you get exactly what you want with your tiny home!

Can I Customize the Design?

In addition to cost and inclusions, you must understand the limits of your customization options. There’s more flexibility in design and layout for some models, meaning you can personalize your space to better suit your needs. In many of Tru Form Tiny’s designs, we can switch out some options, such as toilets, so that you can have the tailored living experience that’s right for you.

Is the Home Built on a Trailer or a Foundation?

Another important question to ask is about the foundation of the tiny home, whether it’s on a trailer or on a foundation. At Tru Form, we construct all our tiny homes on trailers, allowing you to go wherever a standard RV could go. However, it’s important to note that some other tiny home builders put their homes on foundations instead of trailers. When you’re aware of these different options, you can better understand your zoning and mobility options and find the long-term plan that’s right for you and your tiny home.

These are the necessary questions to ask when buying a pre-built tiny home so that you can get the home that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Price, customization, materials, and the foundation are all important topics to ask about, and if you’re ready to buy a tiny home, let Tru Form Tiny help. Asking these questions ensures you get the home that’s right for you, and with us on your side, you’ll be living tiny in no time!

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