May 14

Top 5 Tiny House Building Mistakes To Avoid



A tiny house can transform your life, but building one isn’t the easiest process. At Tru Form Tiny, our passion lies in crafting exceptional tiny homes that don’t sacrifice functionality and design. With years of industry leadership, we understand the importance of navigating the building process with care and precision, and that’s why we know about the top five tiny house-building mistakes to avoid. Get us on your side, and you’ll be living tiny in no time!

Underestimating Space Needs

That they are only suitable for minimalists or those looking to downsize is one of the biggest misconceptions about tiny houses. However, many underestimate their space needs and end up feeling cramped and uncomfortable in their tiny home. While minimalism is a core principle, it’s crucial to make sure your home meets all your practical space needs, providing you with storage and a workspace without compromising.

Forgetting About Local Regulations

Make sure to research local regulations and zoning laws before you start building your tiny house. Building codes vary from place to place, and overlooking local regulations can spell trouble. Our team emphasizes the importance of consulting the proper authorities and adhering to building codes to avoid costly setbacks. Here at Tru Form, we also RVIA certify our homes so they can go anywhere an RV can go. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your tiny home is compliant with local laws with us on your side.

Neglecting Insulation

It’s easy to overlook insulation in the planning stages, but it’s a critical aspect to consider. Without proper insulation, your tiny home will be uncomfortable to live in and may lead to high energy bills. We use spray foam insulation and double-paned argon-filled windows, and we can further customize the insulation to fit your needs if you live somewhere colder than usual.

Forgetting About Smart Storage Solutions

Finding enough storage space for all your belongings is one of the biggest challenges of living in a tiny house. Many first-time builders make the mistake of not incorporating enough storage solutions into their design, leading to clutter and frustration. At Tru Form Tiny, we specialize in designing innovative storage solutions tailored to maximize every inch of your tiny home, from hidden storage compartments to multi-purpose furniture. Living comfortably in a tiny home can be easy when you think creatively.

Cutting Corners on Building Materials

Opting for cheaper materials to cut costs when building a tiny house might be tempting. However, doing so can be a costly mistake in the long run. Tru Form Tiny advocates for investing in high-quality materials and safeguarding your investment for years to come.

Building a tiny house is an exciting and rewarding experience, but avoiding these common tiny house-building mistakes is important. Take the time to plan carefully to create a functional and comfortable home and get Tru Form Tiny to help. We are professional tiny home designers who can help you build the tiny home that’s perfect for you.

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Jen Carroll

Jen is one of the founders and has specialized in tiny home production. At times he breaks away and contributes to the conversations about tiny homes. When not building tiny homes Jen is enjoying his kids trying to keep up with the endless creativity and boundless energy.

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