Tiny Home Travel Trailers 

tru form tiny models

NOTE: Tru Form Tiny’s Tiny Home Travel Trailer Models come standard with a the best quality woods, custom cabinetry, low VOC paint, listed appliances, etc, but any of our models can be adapted to your needs. Use our online designer to choose from hundreds of upgrades and architectural additions. Additionally, you can choose from our exterior designs and add length, windows, bathroom configurations, kitchen configurations, dog sleeping areas, change door placement, add doors (like folding doors and garage doors), window style, door style, colors, fixtures, finishes, etc.  When customizing lengths for our 8.5ft Travel Trailers please add, or subtract $2,500/ft.

These micro homes on wheels are the right choice for people who want tiny homes with more mobility. A lot of tiny home fans love the minimalism and sustainability benefits that tiny homes offer, but they’d also love the ability to bring their homes with them. With traditional homes, it’s not possible, but with Tru Form Tiny’s tiny RV homes, it is! Here at Tru Form Tiny, we have a few different kinds of tiny house RVs so you can find the one that’s perfect for you!


The Payette Tiny Home layout is a versatile configuration featuring a large loft, accessed by a ladder or stairs. Kitchen is galley style. The Payette floor plan offers 2 exterior styles - Country/Craftsman & Urban/Modern. The front door access is on the side of great room. Its main living space is vaulted and open. Larger floor plans offer a downstairs bedroom with storage/bedroom loft above it. Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storage, large 5 ft bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft.  Three living space lengths are available:  20, 24, & 28 feet. 

Learn more about our Payette Models or check below to go directly to our gallery.

STARTING PRICE:    $99,100

Tiny House Payette


Payette Floorplans


In addition to the images below, get inspiration from our previous projects:

  • Payette Rustic Urban 24ft. -  light-wood interior finish; 2 loft bedrooms accessible by stairs (with storage space) and ladder; spacious living room which can sit 4; kitchen is located in one side with ample counter-top space, lots of cabinets, and modern appliances; bathroom with spacious vanity; features a washer, additional cabinets for extra storage space, and toilet and a tub. 
  • Payette Urban with Double Dormer 28ft. - white wood interior with black flooring and stainless steel appliances and bathroom accents for a modern feel; features 2 bedrooms - 1 loft bedroom accessible by stairs with storage and another bedroom on the ground floor. Add solar panels for a more sustainable option.


Here are some of our Payette Country projects:

  • Payette Cabin 22ft. - Custom design that is all wood interior and exterior - a real cabin-type tiny home; fall in love with this tiny space with 1 loft bedroom accessible by ladders, lots of cabinets and storage for a small space.
  • Payette Country 24ft. with Stairs - wood exterior with white, cabin-type interior; one bedroom accessible by stairs with storage; wood accents that feels warm and cozy
  • Payette Country 28ft Tess - Same wood exterior with white walls in contrast with darker wood accents; one bedroom in ground floor with another nook accessible by ladder; bathroom offers stand in bath/tub and washer-drier combo. 

Design Your Very Own Payette!


The Kootenay has a larger loft which adds to its square footage. The kitchen is a peninsula style, and includes an extension leaf - caters to socializing - simultaneously offering counter and dining space.  Front door is on the side allowing a fold down deck. For larger units door placement is off kitchen - leaving more space in great room. The Kootenay has our most open lay out. Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storage, large 5 ft bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft.  Three living space lengths available:  22, 24, & 28 feet

See more of our Kootenay Tiny Home Travel Trailer Models and see how much you can customize or check the gallery below to go directly to specific models.

STARTING PRICE:     $102,900

tiny house kootenay
kootenay floorplans


See our previous Kootenay Urban Projects for your inspiration:

  • Kootenay Urban 24ft. without Deck - this tiny home features a ground floor and a loft bedroom, and L-type kitchen and sink with dark marble countertop, and a spacious toilet and bath with tub. 
  • Kootenay Urban 28ft w/ stairs and nook - This is a "bigger" tiny house customized for a client. This features everything you love in a Kootenay, plus enclosed loft bedroom accessible by stairs with storage.
  • Kootenay Rustic Modern 28ft. - This Kootenay model features a modern exterior and a cabin type interior with light wood walls and finishing.


See a Country model we customized for our client:

  • Kootenay Country 28ft. with Toilet and Nook - This features a two-bedroom home; one in the ground floor, and one accessible via stairs. The ceilings are in beautiful contrast with the white walls and light kitchen. 

Design Your Very Own Kootenay!


The Verve Lux Features a larger bathroom because of its toilet bump out, it comes with a fold down deck, a detachable awning, and a larger kitchen.  A pull out, L-shaped couch is standard, however a platform bed with hydraulic lift, and ample under-mattress storage, is an option. Options like window shades, and almost all the Tru Form design choices are available. Choose from our available floorplans. Starting Price for the Verve is $74,900.  Starting Price for the Verve Lux is $84,900. 

See our 16ft Verve Lux Tiny House we did for a client, or learn more about how much you can customize our Verve model

tiny house verve

Design Your Very Own Verve!

All travel trailer tiny home units are 8.5 ft wide - making the interior living space 7'7" wide through-out.  The Payette and Kootenay leave a lot of open space in the great room.  This allows you to furnish it your way, or we can add furnishings, built-ins, beds, and more, to maximize storage. We're excited about this space being customizable to meet your unique needs.