September 24

Tru Form Tiny X Dillon Beach Resort Collaboration



Vacationing In A Tiny

One of our favorite projects was designing and building the tiny houses for vacationers at Dillon Beach Resort. We were honored to be selected as the tiny house company to build the houses for their big renovation. We had so much fun designing the tiny’s with big windows and porches for optimal beach views!

Interior of Coho Cottage

Beach Views & Privacy From Your Next Door Neighbors- The Best Of Both Worlds

Our lead designer, Malia, worked closely with the former director of operations, Brooke, and Co-Owner, Mike, of Dillon’s Beach Resort to be able to make their vision come to life. Check out Better’s Review to see the design details that had to be taken into consideration when designing these tiny’s. Thanks for highlighting this fun project, Better!

Looking for a tiny vacation?

Head on over to book your next vacation at Dillon Beach Resort. You can enjoy the views of the Point Reyes Peninsula and take your morning strolls on the sandy beaches all while staying in one of our tiny’s! Let us know if you get a chance to stay there, we love seeing folks go tiny- even if it’s just for a few nights 🙂

If you love the design of the Villa Series and want one of your own, then you can design your own!

About the author 

Maia Sparkman & Adrian Winchester

Maia and Adrian have unique backgrounds that have led them to working on our marketing team. Maia, a PNW native, graduated with an undergrad in Environmental Studies and Biology from Seattle University. Adrian comes from Atlanta, and studied International Relations at Rhodes College in Memphis. Both Maia and Adrian were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Zambia where they lived in a unique form of tiny living in rural villages before joining the Tru Form Tiny team. They are both excited to help showcase the pros of tiny living and hope to help guide interested clients in finding the right tiny for them!

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