Types of Tiny Home Models

At Tru Form, we have two roads you can travel down when it comes to the first step of building your dream tiny home. Park models, which are generally larger tiny homes, and Travel Trailers, which are typically more compact homes that can be more easily transported.

Luxury tiny home interior featuring modern kitchen and living space.

Park Models

Design & Size:

Park Models are designed to be placed in a semi-permanent location. These locations are often tiny home communities or RV parks. Some of our park models are the Urban Park Max, the Villa Max, and the Cascade Max. These homes are large and may resemble a traditional home a bit more than a travel trailer.


While tiny home park models can be moved, they are usually transported to a site and left there semi-permanently. They are not as easily moved from place to place like travel trailers.


What we have seen through the process of building tiny homes for various clients is that park models are often used as permanent residences or vacation homes. They are suitable for individuals or families looking for a compact living space with more amenities and comfort.

Travel Trailer Models

Design & Size:

Travel trailers are typically smaller and more compact. They are designed to be towed behind a vehicle and are intended for temporary stays a bit more often than a park model. Our travel trailer builds are the Payette, M2, and the Kootenay. Our travel trailers are generally smaller and more lightweight compared to park models.


Travel trailers are designed for mobility and can be towed behind a vehicle to various locations. They are meant for short-term stays and are ideal for travel enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different places.


Travel trailers are primarily designed for temporary accommodation while traveling. They are popular among campers, road trippers, and outdoor enthusiasts who want a portable and convenient place to stay during their adventures. We also see our travel trailers used for offices, backyard dwellings, and guest houses. 

Luxury tiny home living room and kitchen

Options for Everyone

Our dedication lies in crafting tiny homes that not only meet but exceed the unique needs and desires of each client. From our sleek and efficient travel trailers perfect for life on the go, to our larger park models offering a sense of permanence and stability, and now venturing into the innovative Prefab industry, we’re committed to evolving alongside your dreams. 


Pre-fabricated (Pre-Fab) homes are constructed off-site in our factory environment and then transported to the desired location, turnkey ready. The homes need to be permanently placed on a foundation, which then provides a permanent living solution with the added benefits of reduced construction time and consistent quality control.


Rooted in our signature Tru Form style, we strive to maintain authenticity while embracing innovation in any of our builds. Collaborating closely with you, we’ll tailor your tiny home to align perfectly with your lifestyle.

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