Urban M2

Starting at $89,000

The M Series offers an affordable option while maintaining quality craftsmanship by Truform. Inspired by simplicity, it appeals to budget-conscious buyers without compromising on materials or construction standards. Ideal for those seeking efficient living who don’t mind sleeping upstairs.

Luxury tiny home exterior featuring modern materials and urban styling
First and Loft Floor Plan of 20 Foot Tiny Home by Tru Form Tiny

Added Storage Package

This M Series build includes 2 extra closets, cabinet storage in the bathroom, and an awning cabinet in the main loft, maximizing organization and functionality in a very small space.

Full-Sized Appliances

The M2 has a full-size fridge, convection microwave, gas cooktop, on-demand water heater, vented washer/dryer, and an accessory sink, this model ensures convenience and comfort.

Optimal Comfort

The M Series prioritizes livability, accommodating a small dining table, sectional couch, and additional furniture in its compact layout.


Modern tiny home kitchen

Build Your Own

At Tru Form Tiny our styles are representative of our customers. We provide custom solutions for most jobs, and are always excited to start a project from scratch.


If you are looking for a completely custom tiny home, a group of tinys for a commercial property, or any other idea – we would love to chat.

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