Urban Park Studio

Starting at $108,300

Our Urban Park Studio is a sleek addition to our urban park series. This studio-style tiny home offers 248 sq. ft. of living space, ideal for singles or versatile uses like guest houses or studios. With a full bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and lofted sleeping space, it's minimalist living at its finest.

Luxury tiny home exterior featuring modern materials and urban styling
First and Loft Floor Plan of 18 Foot Tiny Home by Tru Form Tiny

Compact Design

The Urban Park Studio is small. It is perfect for single person living or guest houses. This also means it can be placed on most properties that people already own.

Stylish Exterior

Featuring two wooden awnings, a standing seam metal roof, and a folding door main entrance with Rejuvenation Carson exterior lights, it shows people modern charm.

Functional Interior

Enjoy a 6 ft. bathroom with a tiled shower, a custom-made movable stair ladder, steel loft railing, hickory hardwood floors, and shaker-style cabinetry with matte black cabinet pulls.


Luxury tiny home living room featuring modern materials.

Build Your Own

At Tru Form Tiny our styles are representative of our customers. We provide custom solutions for most jobs, and are always excited to start a project from scratch.


If you are looking for a completely custom tiny home, a group of tinys for a commercial property, or any other idea – we would love to chat.

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