Verve Tiny Homes  

Verve & Verve Lux

If you’re dreaming of downsizing your living space and simplifying your life but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than Tru Form Tiny’s Verve tiny homes. We’ve been passionate about tiny homes for years, and that passion has led us to create the perfect solution for those seeking a single-level tiny home—Verve's modern tiny homes on wheels.

The Verve and Verve lux are the smallest in the travel trailer series, both starting at 16ft. The main difference between the Lux and the base-model Verve tiny home is the toilet bump out available with the Lux. This add another 2ft. to the total floor area. 

In the larger 22' and 28' sizes, you'll find more spacious living areas, bigger kitchens, and ample storage. Adding an elevator bed for the bedroom significantly expands the living space, enhancing both comfort and functionality. The Verve has proven to be an exceptional solution for many of our clients. Its unique design reflects the fact that our clients are anything but typical, offering a tiny house experience that stands out from the ordinary.

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tiny home floor plan with bathtub

The Verve Lux features a larger bathroom because of its toilet bump out which is extended on tongue. 

It comes with a fold down deck, a detachable awning, and a larger kitchen with approximately 28 cu ft. more cabinetry..  A pull out, L-shaped couch is standard, however a platform bed with hydraulic lift, and ample under-mattress storage, is an option. Options like window shades, and almost all the Tru Form design choices are available.

Verve Lux also offers 3 lengths (all lengths exclude the 2' toilet bump out):

  • 16 ft. 
  • 22 ft.
  • 28 ft. with 3ft bathroom
  • 28 ft. with 5th bathroom


Verve small house floor plan 16

The Verve is the smallest house in our product range, starting at 16ft.

The Verve is a more budget friendly model by using TPO roofing and more efficient architectural elements. The kitchen runs galley style, and the upgrades are more limited. There isn't a bumped in area for the deck and the roof is a continuous shed style (without a bumped up area). The bathroom is rectangular shaped.  Though we've tried to institute some more cost saving elements in this model, we still use our same levels of craftsmanship and superior materials such as cedars, paneling, high R-value insulation, fur interior door, and on and on.  While a pull-out conversion couch and kitchen table is not standard to this model, we do offer them as an option.

The following lengths are available:

  • 16 ft.
  • 22 ft.
  • 28 ft.

You can customize our Verve Lux and Verve model to fit your needs! See what a Verve Lux looks like by viewing our gallery below:

Other Travel Trailer Models

Want a "bigger" tiny home? We have the Kootenay and the Payette models for you to explore

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Kootenay travel trailer model has a larger loft which adds to its square footage. This makes it our most open lay out. It also features a robust, peninsula-type kitchen which includes a leaf (caters to socializing), simultaneously offering counter and dining space. Front door is on the side allowing a fold down deck. In addition, for larger units door placement is off kitchen - leaving more space in great room.  

Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storage, large 5 ft. bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft.  

Know more about our Kootenay model or design one right now. 

small home oregon wooden exterior


A versatile configuration featuring loft bedroom accessed by ladder or stairs. Kitchen is galley style. Front door access is on the side. Main living space is vaulted and open. Larger floor plans offer a downstairs bedroom with storage/bedroom loft above it. Architectural add-ons include a bump out nook, stairs with ample storagelarge 5 ft bathroom, dormers to 2nd loft, and skylight above main loft.  The Payette is 8’6″ wide. Indeed a lot of features for a tiny house!

Know more about our Payette model or design one now!

Are you ready to design your dream tiny home?