Verve & Verve Lux

Both Available as 16 ft, 22 ft, & 28 ft

STARTING at $45,900

Meet our Verve Line: the Verve Lux is big sister to our Verve.

affordable tiny house Floor Plan Verve 16 ft Floor Plan Starts at $45,900

tiny home floor plan with bathtub Verve Lux 16 ft Floor Plan: Toilet Extended on tongue, Larger Kitchen, Drop down deck, Cedar and metal awning) Starts at $52,900

16 ft Verve 16 ft Verve Aft

16 ft Verve Lux Toilet Bump Out 16 ft Verve Lux Toilet Bump Out

The Verve Lux Features a larger bathroom because of its toilet bump out, it comes with a fold down deck, a detachable awning, and a larger kitchen.  A pull out, L-shaped couch is standard, however a platform bed with hydraulic lift, and ample under-mattress storage, is an option. Options like window shades, and almost all the Tru Form design choices are available.  Starting Price for the Verve is $45,900.  Starting Price for the Verve Lux is $52,900.

Are you ready to design your dream tiny home?