Villa Max Spacious Tiny Homes 

The Villa Max stands out as a prime example of luxury in a tiny home. Each spacious tiny home we build is a unique masterpiece, reflecting individual preferences through a wide selection of colors and finishes. Its modern farmhouse aesthetic is captured with dark windows, craftsman trim, and various siding details. Inside, the living room offers luxury in abundance, with options for chandeliers, fireplaces, and a variety of flooring types.

In the realm of spacious tiny homes, the Villa Max excels with its well-thought-out layout. The kitchen, which is available in both standard and extended peninsula sizes, allows for extensive customization in colors, countertops, tiles, and appliances. The bathroom, which is functional in its base form, can be upgraded with elegant tiles to enhance its appeal. The staircase smartly incorporates storage space and an optional washer-dryer, maximizing functionality. The downstairs bedroom features a large closet, an option for exterior French doors, and additional bed storage. Upstairs, the space is highly versatile, making it ideal for creating additional sleeping areas, storage, or even an office/studio.

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